Museum Of Shadows is now located in one of the most active and most haunted buildings in the Midwest! Museum of shadows houses over a 1000+ verified haunted artifacts from around the world.  Visitors from around the world have experienced during museum tours: Seeing a full figure apparition, Disembodied voices, Items physically moving on their own, Children laughing and so much more! 

In 1880 there was an empty lot with a creek that ran through where this building sits today. Some of the creek's stones where used to construct the basement walls, turns out they are made of crystal quartz. 

 * 1885 - Book, Stationary, Cigar shop opened its doors on the main level along with a Jewelry store, Barber Shop and a Tailor Shop. 

2nd story was home to many offices - Basement was home to the local newspaper - Plattsmouth Journal.

 * 1888 - Book, Stationary, Cigar Shop remained on the main level along with a Millinery, Barber, Tailor Shop. 

2nd story remained as offices 

Basement was home to an IRON Shop.  

* 1889- A Saloon called this main level home along with a Restaurant, Hand Print Shop, Tailor 

2nd level was several different rooms and was known as a Brothel also one of the building owners lived above. 

* 1906 The main level was still a Saloon, Barber shop, Wallpaper store 

The 2nd level was a Cigar Factory  and the basement was still an Iron shop. 

*1923-1929 - A book, Stationary, Cigar Shop reopened its doors once again in this very building, followed a wire, glass and skylight shop on the 2nd story. 

*1945 Cass Drugs opened its doors to the public  along with a dentist office. (x-rays have been found in the building and are on display in the museum)

*1965 A doctors office opened its doors to the public to treat the local community. (more history to follow soon) (History and Research provided by Harlan S - Plattsmouth Historian) 

Admission $15.00 Per Person 

There is no age limit for the Museum of Shadows, but we STRONGLY recommend MATURE AUDIENCES! 

Join us on a ghost hunt at the Museum Of Shadows. The Museum Founders Nate & Kaleigh are paranormal experts and use top of the line equipment as seen on TV. Join in as we investigate this haunted museum. The building was built in 1885 and once was Saloon, Doctors Office, Dentist Office, Cigar Factory, Barber Shop, Tailor, Restaurant and the local newspaper was printed in the basement and so much more! 

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Wednesday- Saturday 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM Sunday- 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM 




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