"The one who returns"


Ayda who's name was given by the new owners Nate & Kaleigh Raterman along with social medias vote.

Ayda, Is a rare 27" doll who was made/created in 1889 in Germany by Simon & Halbig. Ayda is very powerful along with the entity attached to her.
Ayda, was passed down over the years from family to family. She was in one home that was full of negative energy and hate. Ayda was also used to taunt children as a scare tactic "Jokingly". She was since forgotten about and left sitting up in the rafters in an old garage, Anytime the past owners where around Ayda they felt uncomfortable, hair would stand up on the back of their neck and the feeling of being watched. They decided to throw the doll "Ayda" in the trash, She was in a local landfill for two years before she somehow made her way back to the past owners home. She had returned from the landfill 20 miles away and without her eyes. She was discovered in the garage sitting on top of a bag of fertilizer. They immediately threw her back into the trash can inside a plastic bag, to return hours later to find her out of the plastic bag and sitting beside the 4ft tall trash can.

New Owners

Ayda was donated to Nate & Kaleigh Raterman after the past owners had this haunting experience. It was a cool September morning, the day we picked up Ayda from the past owners, we could hear the plastic bag she was placed in moving, as if she was trying to get out. We started our drive towards the private quarantine area l when we heard this deep whisper come form the back of the SUV saying. " I Want Out" followed by a " Child Crying" Kaleigh and Nate looked at each other with fear and terror in their eyes. Upon arrival at this private location, Ayda was placed inside a sealed, sound proof 500 square foot room with 36 high quality inferred cameras. Ayda was placed in the middle of the room sitting in a wooden chair. We then placed our professional equipment in with her, to capture anything that might be attached to her. We noticed movement on her right leg 20 minutes after being locked in the room, followed by her head turning. It was now day 2 and we get a call from our camera guys saying "All batteries in all the equipment in the room has been drained in a matter of seconds. At the exact same time, Nate and Kaleigh head towards the private location to replace all batteries and to review the footage the camera guys have captured. Once they arrived, they noticed that the boom mics where picking up a strange noise from inside the room, followed by the cameras and thermal cameras flickering. We decided to enter the room and found Ayda had moved from the chair located in the middle of the room, to by the door. Upon opening, we hit her with the door. She was then placed back into the chair and had moved her arms and legs several times throughout the next several weeks.

Leaving Quarantine

We approached the museum and to be honest couldn't wait to get her "Ayda" out of our car. Nate had put on several layers of specialty gloves to carry Ayda in inside, Nate sat Ayda down on the floor to grab some supplies in the back to chain her to the wall, "since she has a history of returning" Nate and Kaleigh both heard this strange sound as if something being dragged across the floor in the front room. They quickly ran to the front to find Ayda had moved 26 feet from where she was originally placed towards the front door. She was placed back in the original spot and was quickly tied to the wall. Ayda is very powerful as she has moved forward and then backwards hitting her head on the wall. She has also turned her head in front of museum visitors and during our evening ghost hunts. Ayda does NOT like to have the attention focus on other spirits present in the museum. Visitors have reported hearing a deep voice coming from her. She has lots of energy and can control all electrical or battery powered equipment near her.