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Welcome to Museum Of Shadows, one of the most coveted spots of all serious ghost hunters! This building was home to many whom society deemed as "outcasts" saloon patrons blood flows through these very walls!

The spirits of many former residents still linger in the museum. Some believe the darkness that lurks in the corridors is a manifestation of the saloon guests.

Its checkered past has attracted the attention of many paranormal programs. Museum of shadows has been featured on Destination America, TheHauntist, Highlight Hollywood, Beyond Reality Radio, Darkness Radio. It has also been the subject matter of several radio shows, documentaries, YouTube videos

The evidence gathered by guests and paranormal investigators will chill you to the bone! Perhaps you will be the next to have a ghostly encounter?

Our guest numbers are capped per event and our dedicated and well-experienced staff will divide you into smaller groups for the investigation. You will then rotate through this location, conducting paranormal experiments!

Full figure apparitions of prostitutes and men in cowboy hats have been seen. Many have been pushed by unseen forces. At night the sounds of laughter, yelling and saloon music have been heard as if the parties of the old west were still raging.

Sounds of poker chips being tossed, and heavy cowboy boots have been heard walking throughout the building.

Not only does this building have a serious and darkened past, but with over 3,000 verified haunted artifacts on display, you never know who or what you will encounter on your next visit.

If you're brave enough to attempt wandering the darkened hallways, please choose from the following dates below.

3 Hour Ghost Hunt 

3 Hour ghost hunts are a more fast paced type of hunt. This option is good for anyone who wants to experience a ghost hunt and not be up late etc.

5 & 7 Hour Ghost Hunt 

this option is the full experience you have the option to spend more time in each room throughout the building also Allows you to break away from the group at 12am and investigate on your own throughout the building to see what you experience first hand and to get a feel of what it’s like to be a paranormal investigator.

 This event will only have 8 tickets available, yes you read that right only 8 tickets , very small group and no “add ins for late ticket purchases. Portions of this event will be filmed for our YouTube channel and any evidence captured! You will be 100% involved throughout the entire event, new equipment will be used along with some of our favorite! Who’s ready to investigate?

July 19th Ghost Hunt (7hr)

7:00PM - 1:00AM

July 20th Ghost Hunt (7hr)

7:00PM -2:00AM

July 21st Ghost Hunt (6hr)

5:00PM - 11:00PM 

July 25th Ghost Hunt (3hr)

7:00PM - 10:00PM

July 24th Ghost Hunt (3hr)

7:00PM - 10:00PM