Welcome to Haunted after dark. Here you will be able to watch a live feed inside the Museum of Shadows 24/7.  You will be able to listen live (After hours) and see everything first hand. Be sure to send us your screen shots or document the time frame of any activity and we will review the footage and post any findings. (If you wish to become a sponsor please contact us and your name or business name/logo can appear here on this page) 



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Headphones may be needed.

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The Restriction Room or otherwise known as the “Dirt Room” has a dark History. There were women kept in this very Room for sex trafficking back in the late 1800’s early 1900’s as well as Liquor hidden here during prohibition. Underneath this very area is tubing with running water , and walls made of Sandstone and Quartz, both conductors Of Paranormal Activity. Often there is a man locally known as the Cowboy seen here with a very angry temperament. He was the one in charge of the woman and would “dispose “ of anyone he felt deemed worthy. Many women visiting the museum or inside the room during evening Ghost Hunts get the feeling of being chocked, or pressure on their neck. It is common to feel “off balance “in the room or a high heart rate influx.